A Portland, Maine law student taught a local police officer a few things about his rights to openly carry a firearm in public. After illegally stopping and detaining the citizen, seizing his firearm, pointing the loaded gun in his direction, the officer refuses to return his gun for almost three minutes until his supervisor shows up. As soon as the officers supervisor shows up, the man is allowed to go about his way.

While detained, the student continues to acknowledge that he is not being treated according to the law. With no reasonable suspicion of him being involved in criminal activity, there is no legal right for the officer to stop or take his fire arm from him. The mere presence of a gun is not enough of a reason to stop and detain someone in open carry and open carry friendly states, such as Maine and Washington.

I applaud this guy for knowing his rights so well, knowing the case law that supports those rights and remaining cool and calm during the encounter. Some people will watch this video and say that he is acting rude and non cooperative toward the officer, but who is really the one breaking the law in this situation?


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