I just got back from a staycation in Seattle and love how beautiful Lake Union is. Did you know there are HUNDREDS of shipwrecks in Lake Union? There's a super cool interactive site that allows you to learn about some of them. So I did some research and below you can read about shipwrecks ALL OVER Washington state!

Most in the Columbia River are sunk steamboats. During the era when river travel was less save, that was the main boat on the water. But below you can read about cooler wrecks:

One ship, 18 miles north of Seattle, was hit by a ferry. The ferry actually plowed ahead and embedded itself in the impacted ship! Why? To plug the hole a bit, slowing the flow of water into the hull. Also to make it easier for passengers and crew to jump aboard. Still, seven passengers, seven crew members and the captain drowned.

A submarine sank near Cape Flattery, but it was junk anyway and was on its way to be target practice!

A large troop transport ran aground in a storm in 1972. It eventually broke into 4 pieces spilling two million gallons of heavy oil into the ocean and beach!