The Tri-City Union Gospel Mission has been serving Benton and Franklin counties for 57 years. They have been providing the Tri-Cites and surrounding communities with food, clothing, shelter and much more for men, woman, and children. Their desire has always been to minister to the spiritual, physical, and moral needs of transient and destitute individuals and assist the poor and needy. The Mission serves as a source of hope, love and shelter to the most fragile among us in our community.

Big Jim from 98.3 The Key interviewed Andrew from the Mission. You can also hear the interview by playing the audio below.

Q: Who does the Mission server?
A: The missions serves as a safety net for anyone who falls on a hard times regardless of who they are or why they're there.

Q: Are there many that come to the Mission for food?
A: Yes, we probably serve around 200 people a day.

Q: How often does the mission serve meals? (and to whom?)
A: We're serving about 300 to 350 meals a day. Mainly to the people who are living and staying there and we also open it up to the community to anybody who is having a hard time.

Q: How many people sleep on the Mission shelters at night?
A: Usually around 120 to 140, with 40 to 50 new people every month.

Q: Does the Mission get many women and children looking for shelter and food?
A: Yes, that's the area that has been growing, it has tripled in the last couple of years.

Q: What other type of help does the mission offer to people looking for shelter and food?
A: We offer food, showers, hygiene products, clothing, as well as community out reach services, food boxes every week, a clothing room, and even counseling.

Q: How can a person best help support the TCUGM?
A: The easiest way is to go online and make a donation.