While there’s something to be said for the iconic squeak of sneakers on an old, varnished wood gym floor, we might be willing to pass on tradition if we had a high-tech floor like this one. It looks like something out of Tron, and we're into it.

A German company is now marketing the Glassfloor -- a solid glass floor with LED lines embedded under the surface, which allows the court to change for different sports on demand. The glass is then coated with an anti-skid laminate that is designed to replicate the sliding characteristics of a traditional floor. With the LEDs, school officials can configure the floor for any sport or other use imaginable.

Have a volleyball game right after basketball practice? No problem. With a flip of a switch, the LEDs instantly change the floor markings from one sport to the other.  The company foresees other uses for the floor like hotel lobbies, clubs and retail establishments.

The only downside we can see is the price-tag -- the floor retails for more than $61 per square foot, in most markets. Can you really put a price on instant LED mood lighting for a hormonally-charged 8th grader during his first slow dance, though? Or that same 8th grader getting slammed in the face with a dodge ball during PE the next day? Priceless.

Check out the video to learn about how the floor is made.

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