This past weekend at Hollywood Hack Day, Lee Martin, an experimental developer for Soundcloud, showed off his recent creation. 'Call Drops', is a website/app that can record audio from a phone call and play it back, not only audibly, but also visually. The idea is to call a phone number and record a simple raindrop sound. This can be done from any phone. The audio you record will then play back through the website and app almost instantly after you hangup.

Using Twilio, Martin created this rad tool in just 2 hours. The use for it now is just entertainment, but think what this kind of technology could turn it to. Pretty cool.

Visit Call Drops and watch as the raindrops fall with user recorded audio. You can call up 1-323-419-0002 and record your own rain drop sound...or really any sound you want to record up to :3 of audio. Like the website stats "WARNING: THIS IS THE INTERNET. NO FILTER.", so you may hear some random audio when the raindrops hit...But really, no one would ever record anything else except raindrop noises, right? Yeaaaaaa.