A new Town Square Media facebook feature is the Gross Fact of the Day, which can really run the gamut of quite interesting, to why-are-you-telling-me-this crazy.

So, being a dude who enjoys riffing and interaction with the audience, I pose to you:

The concept of picking your nose and eating it to ward off sickness is not new, it just keeps re-surfacing from time to time. Some MD's have literally advocated that we should ALL be picking our nose and EATING it to help boost our immune systems.  So question is, how gross are you in general? Over 250,000 people took an online poll:

  1. Have you ever picked your nose as an adult? 86% said yes.  They didn't ask how.
  2. Do you ever pop your zits? 86% said they do.
  3. Smelled clothing to see if you could get away with wearing it again? 86% said yes.
  4. Do you ever blow your nose, then inspect the tissue? 84% of us do it.
  5. Are you ever too tired to brush your teeth before bed? 82% said yes.
  6. Do you ever pee in the shower? 80% of us do.
  7. Have you ever eaten food that fell on the floor? 79% said they have.
  8. Have you ever gone a month without changing your sheets? 68% have.
  9. Do you ever not wash your hands after using the toilet at home? 67% said yes
  10. Have you ever clogged a toilet? 67% said yes. 33% are liars.

My conclusion is that I'm gross. Nodding in the affirmative on every one, even going more than a month without the sheets change, no wonder I was quite single at that time, I guess the only saving grace is the overwhelming majority of my fellow Americans --- quite disgusting too.

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