Limp Bizkit‘s Fred Durst promised fans that he’d have “huge news” about the band this month, and just in the nick of time, he’s lived up to his word: According to an announcement released today, he and his bandmates will be entering 2012 ready to continue their “true rock and roll journey” without a record label.

“LB is joining forces w the unexpected to bring you our best material yet in 2012,” promised Durst, saying that the band’s June release ‘Gold Cobra’ “was for the core and our farewell to the corrupt machine.” He went on to share his excitement for new Bizkit, boasting, “‘The Unquestionable Truth pt 2′ and ‘Stampede of the Disco Elephants’ are for the masses in ways which are indescribable through text.”

Durst continues, “We finally feel like ourselves again with no restraints and boundaries preventing us from being who we truly are as a band … We are grateful for every moment and bid the most sincere farewell to those we will now leave behind.”

New music sounds like it’s just around the corner: “LB will start releasing new material unethically and affectively as soon as the deals are signed and sealed in January as attorneys start their holiday vacations months before the holidays even begin. And btw,” concluded Durst, “our video ‘POOP’ will finally find its way in its entirety to your eyeballs soon enough.”