Pull out that red Yankees cap because the Bizkit  is back. Limp B-i-z-k-i-t have set June 28th for the release of their new album 'Gold Cobra'. The album features the band's original line-up of vocalist Fred Durst, guitarist Wes Borland, drummer John Otto, bassist Sam Rivers, and DJ Lethal. Durst, who produced the record said in a press release "We've come full circle to absolutely own who we are as a band, an undisputed five piece rap rock powerhouse who crushes every stage we play."

I won't lie or try to make excuses...I like Limp Bizkit. I know they get a lot of flack from hard rock fans and metal elitists, but when I woke up and saw 'Faith' on MTV one morning before school, I made sure to get to Sam Goody in Columbia Center that weekend to buy 'Three Dollar Bill, Y'all $'.

After the departure of Wes Borland and their 'Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water' I didn't keep up with too much with Limp Bizkit. Now, with Wes back in his crazy outfits ripping up guitar and undoubtedly writing a majority of the songs, I like what 'Gold Cobra' has to offer.

Here's the first 'official' single from the album: Shotgun