In general, the words lingerie and football have about as much in common as the words meth addict and day care. Maybe that's why the all-female Lingerie Football League just changed their brand name to the Legends Football League.  You will be relieved to know that they didn't change their uniforms very much, and they're still awesome. The league, which expanded to include Canada in 2012, will swell to 16 teams in 2013 with the addition of the Atlanta Steam and the Omaha Heart. No word on whether the league will continue naming their teams after female soft rock outfits and soap operas when it expands to Europe in 2015.

The uniforms used by the players of the LFL also will change slightly, but, as evidenced by the following picture gallery, the ladies won't be running around in sweatpants and jorts. The guys who attend these games on the other hand (ahem, us) will remain slobs.

The league has decided to use the term 'performance wear,' rather than lingerie, for the new garb, noting that lingerie hurt its credibility (just like J. Edgar Hoover!). If a the woman in our lives told us that she was wearing 'performance panties,' we'd ask for a full list of showtimes, and book early and often.

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