This year marks 20 years since the release of Linkin Park's groundbreaking debut that re-shaped the trajectory of heavy music in the new millennium. In celebration of that two-decade mark (which officially comes on Oct. 24), the band has launched a Hybrid Theory logo generator, that transforms your name (or other rock and metal band names) into a Linkin Park-styled logo.

Below, you can see the Loudwire logo redone in Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory iconography, and further down the page are 25 newly-fashioned logos for bands such as Limp Bizkit, Pantera, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Cannibal Corpse, Foo Fighters and so many others.

To create your own logo, which you can download directly or share straight to social media, visit the Linkin Park name generator website.

It's all leading up to Linkin Park's 20th anniversary edition of Hybrid Theory, which will be released Oct. 9. This special reissue, which can be pre-ordered here (as Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases), will include demos, B-sides and never-before-seen footage, and the group even recently dropped the previously unreleased song "She Couldn't."

25 Band Logos Styled as Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory Logo

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