The new Linkin Park album ‘Living Things’ arrives in stores next Tuesday (June 26), but you can get an early listen to it now at iTunes.

Mike Shinoda treated an audience to a multimedia listening party on Monday night in Los Angeles and went a little more in depth in talking about what fans are hearing. When asked by moderator Jason Bentley about where the ‘Living Things’ title comes from, the musician explained, “Part of it was that we had found ourselves in a place where the concepts and the lyrics had been about some very broad picture things, and on this record for some reason, it was just what was popping out of our mouths basically as we were writing lyrics. This record just became more personal. Every song was about me and you and we did that the whole time.”

With tracks like ‘Powerless,’ ‘Roads Untraveled,’ ‘I’ll Be Gone,’ and ‘Castle of Glass,’ there’s plenty of deeply personal observations being made throughout the disc.

Some fans were quick to notice that a little bit of the guitar sound that was prominent in their first few records has creeped back into their songs a bit. During a Q&A session, Shinoda answered one fan about the significance of ‘Burn It Down’ as a single, to which he responded, “The release of ‘Burn it Down’ I feel has more to do with setting the tone for what this record is. For me the record starts in a place that’s familiar and the first few songs it really is intended to feed an appetite the fans have for a certain thing that we have been a little bit hesitant to do.”

Check out the full album stream of ‘Living Things’ by clicking here: