Linkin Park has just posted a short yet informative video about the single ‘Burn it Down’ from their yet-untitled 2012 album.

Co-vocalist / guitarist Mike Shinoda is showcased in the video, where he stands in the middle of the set for ‘Burn it Down’ video. “We’re here on the set for our new video for ‘Burn it Down,’” says Shinoda. “The song will be hitting the radio on April 16. Until then, you can go to soon to unlock pieces of the song.”

Although details are scarce, it seems that Linkin Park will be introducing an interactive promotion on their website, where fans will have to solve a puzzle or complete a task to unlock the entire ‘Burn it Down’ track.

As we recently reported, Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington spoke about the band’s upcoming album, which will see the band go back into more familiar territory. “With this album, we’ve incorporated a lot of guitar work with big choruses and the heavier electronic stuff to give it that really big wall of sound feeling without getting too metal,” Bennington revealed during a recent interview. “This will be more familiar to people than ‘A Thousand Suns’ was, where we were like ‘F— it, we’re just going to go bonkers.”

Stay tuned for more Linkin Park updates regarding the new album and the upcoming single, ‘Burn it Down,’ which will be released to radio on April 16.