Last night, the Carnivores Tour hit the Gorge. AFI, 30 Seconds to Mars, and Linkin Park.


I for one, knew everyone on the bill - especially AFI. It was cool to be one of the few people singing along to all of the opener of a show's songs.

I have to give it up, though, for Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars.

They took the Gorge by storm, with charm and professionalism. Jared Leto didn't let the stage hold him. He came all the way back to the building by the gate holding the general admission back, and climbed up the light pole, and on to the building.

Iceman (The Gorge Amphitheater)

Then, for their biggest song, "The Kill", Leto quietly snuck from stage all the way back again, to the fence just in front of the cheap seats. I was close enough for him to hear me singing, and when I got ahead of the song, (loudly), he yelled, "No, not yet! Slow it down, baby."


I have to give it up for these guys, I knew who they were before, but now I'm sold on them. They rock.