Linkin Park continue to evolve from album to album, and that includes the method in which they create their songs. For their latest effort, ‘Living Things,’ co-vocalist Mike Shinoda says they took a new approach to the recording process.

Shinoda tells MTV News, “It’s just really different. I feel like we made a serious effort to try and touch all of the bases of all of the different things that we’ve done, and bring them together in each song. Not just one album, but each song. And then maybe sprinkle in some stuff that we’ve never done before, too.”

The vocalist admits their creative process is not exactly simple. He explains, “Our writing process is a weird, amorphous thing. For some bands, just to put it in perspective, they jam and then they write a song and then they record a song and then they mix it and finish it… we don’t do that. We do everything at once, every step of the way. From the moment we’re putting things down on the laptop, I’m already kind of mixing it a little bit.”

Shinoda says one such song that came about that way was ‘Castle of Glass,’ where his vocal performance was the first part of the song and pretty much everything heard in the track came from the first demo, with the song being built from there.

Another track, ‘Until it Breaks,’ came from an amalgamation of songs. Shinoda explains, “There were like four demos that we had made that weren’t going anywhere individually, but when you put them all together, they make something really interesting. It’s supposed to feel really jarring and weird, and for me it was a really fun song to make.”

Be sure to catch Linkin Park’s latest song-building project, when ‘Living Things’ arrives in stores June 26.