The search for missing hunter and 55-year-old Mark Stieg  was called off today because of weather.  Officers from Grant County Sheriff's Office suspended the search where he went missing near Crab Creek in Royal City but will resume when they can. Here are three big reasons why I think they will eventually find him safe and sound.

  • 1

    He is a trained survivalist

    He is an ex Marine and a trained survivalist, this is probably fun for him. Most hunters I know are prepared for the elements and he was probably prepared for bad weather.

  • 2

    He is a 'Bow Hunter'

    My uncle was a bow hunter and one thing I know is they are the highest level of hunter. If anyone can survive for a few days in the wilderness it is a trained bow hunter. I don't know him, but if he is anything like my uncle he will be fine.

  • 3

    This storm is not that bad

    If we had feet of snow dumping on the area and a full on blizzard I might be a little worried, but this storm seems to be tame by those standards. Well within the boundaries of an experienced hunter to handle for a day or two.