A Richland chemist who set up a lab in his basement to create an LSD-type drug for street sale ended up killing his friend's wife.

It all started when the man bragged to his friend in West Virginia he could make a drug similar to LSD. That man agreed to purchase several doses to take with his wife as an anniversary present! 

I have no idea what kind of person takes hallucinogens for date night, but the wife had a bad reaction and died!

It is not clear if the home-cooked concoction was illegal at the time (it is now). Prosecutors charged him with a law that applies to all derivatives of illegal drugs.

The judge ended up sentencing him to 8 months for mailing illegal drugs and nothing more severe.

Apparently the chemist wrote his friend he was willing to create large quantities if the friend wanted to become a distributor. It's amazing a harsher sentence was not ordered, however authorities do predict the man will never work as a chemist again.