It's the 24 hour paddle for cancer hosted by Northwest Paddleboarding. The local Tri-Cities group joined 39 other teams across the US and Canada to paddle and raise funds for Cancer....

According to their Facebook post here's what's happening:

On April 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM, a team of paddlers will relay paddle for 24 hours.
Our goal is to offer a breath of fresh air to families dealing with the wrecking ball of cancer. It is a chance for them to feel "normal" even just for a minute.
This is cash, in an envelope, put in the hands of folks who need it. That money will go to the mountain of bills that come, food, babysitters, gas money, utility bills, groceries or maybe take the family away for a weekend to get a break from the chaos. Whatever the recipient needs to lighten the burden of cancer.
And most importantly, they will know that they are not alone, that there is an entire community who loves and supports them.

Every dollar stays right here in the Tri-Cities and does not go to any expenses incurred by putting on this event. When we learn of a person in need, we will place $1,000 increments of cash into an envelope, and deliver it directly to the recipient. This is 100% grassroots. It's a community getting together to help our own.
Our team will be comprised of 6 paddlers and breaks down to pairs for each hour. We all paddle together for the first hour, again leading up to the midnight hour and finishing out the last hour together.

Here's how it works:

You can donate. Any amount would be incredibly appreciated.

You can share. Via social media or email, encourage your friends, family and followers to contribute.

You can join us. On shore or on the water during the 1st hour at 8am on April 13th, leading up to the midnight hour at 11pm, and/or at the last hour at 7am on April 14th to help us rally together and keep the stoke going for the full 24 hours all in an effort to raise much needed funds.
You can donate through our gofundme page here:

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