This story comes out of nearby Sherwood, Oregon.

A high school soccer coach has been fired after he stopped a game due to injuries.

Rian Groener pulled his junior varsity players off the field and cancelled their game against Clackamas when he felt the game became too violent.

After trying to talk with officiants with no avail, Groener felt the injuries were stacking up too much.

"Talked to the referee and the other coach and say 'hey listen, there's three minutes left, I feel like the players safety's in jeopardy' and I ended the game early," explained Groener.

Groener was suspended the next day, and two days later, fired.

The reason? OSAA rules state "removal of a team from competition is a gross act of unsportsmanlike conduct and those responsible have to face the executive board."

What do you think? Was this a fair thing for the school do to?