EverStar Realty broker Barry Long says it’s common knowledge among local realtors Caitlyn Jenner was in Kennewick on Monday shopping for a home for her mother.

It became common knowledge she was in town yesterday after she stopped at the Starbucks on 27th and took several selfies with customers and staff.

One person tweeted she was in town house hunting.

Then a couple hours later Jenner tweeted a photo of herself with her mother Esther Jenner in Lewiston saying Esther had broken both hips and was recovering
Long says Jenner asked realtors to show her homes Esther might like.

Lewiston is too hard for Jenner to access and the Pasco Airport would be much, much easier.

Presumably Esther likes the Tri-Cities. Jenner’s first wife was a local woman and some believe he became acquainted with the area during that marriage when they’d visit her family.

Tri-Cities IS an excellent place for Esther Jenner. We’d welcome her whole-heartedly.

And you know what this means? Kylie and Kendal Jenner might be coming to town to visit grandma!

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