Our news partner KNDU asked its audience what they thought of businesses caving to the threats from North Korea. The answers are a fascinating snapshot of what the Mid Columbia thinks of our current government and film industry:
After big theater chains (including Regal) announced they were pulling Seth Rogen's "The Interview" from its Christmas release, the future of the film seems doomed. Afraid of cyber attacks from North Korea, companies with the support of the FBI are caving. Here is what local people said on KNDU's Facebook page:

  • What happened to "we don't negotiate with terrorists"?
  • I guess North Korea can win a war here without a fight.
  • It's just some dumb movie. I have better things to do Christmas Day anyway.
  • Did the wrong thing, they gave in to terrorism threats that most likely are not true so they let themselves be terrorized, so I guess the terrorists won this one and now they think they have power, way to go Sony. Now they'll just make bigger threats because they think they won.
  • I think this movie was kind of in bad taste...
  • Sony perhaps made the wise choice to not risk innocent lives over something as trivial as a movie. However our government is doing the wrong thing by sitting quietly by and allowing a foreign government to dictate what happens in our country.
  • Of course they did the wrong thing!! That guy is a serious fruit loop. He runs his country by fear and dictatorship, and now Sony is going to allow him to have that control on US soil?? If theaters are going to be threatened, then Sony should release a mass supply of DVD''s, Redbox rentals, ect...
  • Now mass produce dvds everybody gets a free copy! 'MERICA!
  • What a great advertising gimmick. Never even heard of this movie til now.
  • We, as Americans, would be outraged if another country made a movie about assassinating our President. What possessed Sony to make a movie in such poor taste as this one. 
  • It's unnerving to say the least that another country can hack into a large company such as Sony & then make the threats they did, but Sony had no choice to pull the movie for safety reasons. And the fact that they lost so much money is something they deserve for thinking they can put crap out like this & everyone would think it was funny.
  • I think even making the movie was in very poor taste. I have no interest in seeing it, so I really don't care if they release it or not. 
  • It's more than "just a movie". What other movies are bringing in threats? It starts with a movie but where will it end?
  • We need to be America. FREE! Quit letting terror control our lives.
  • Hackers aren't killers. North Korea...that's a whole different story.
  • Wow! I remember when America exterminated evil instead of tolerating it. Sony= coward.
  • Terrorism works y'all. Don't like something? Threaten violence and it won't happen. Maybe we can use this principle on congress?
  • If they would've not done anything and people died, all you red white and blue 'Muricans would've been crucifying Sony for putting American lives at risk.
  • They should release it online and tell people to go watch it there. I thought it was dumb and wasn't going to watch it but now with the threats, I really want to see it.
  • Marketing Genius!! We all want it now... I can't wait I hope they release it at least to DVD... I'll totally buy it .. Just because!!!
  • Sony should air drop a few hundred thousand copies of the movie over North Korea.
  • It is a tough decision because while it's not an important part of our lives to miss a movie it does tend to set a precedence on our future when it comes to people blackmailing businesses to get what we want what will our future look like?
  • Cave to black mail??? They still have all the power, Dumb! Negotiating with terrorist, what's happened to this Country?
  • So our freedom of speech is basically taken away from us.
  • I was planning on not seeing it because it looked extremely stupid. I choose N. Korea to win that fictional fight.
  • Wow that's weird. I was sorta wanting to see it although; I'm still seeing that it being advertised as still in theaters on television... So what's that about then?!
  • This movie looked amazing, sad to see that.
  • What bs why is usa scared of a little fat boy wow!
  • Don't poke the bear, especially for no good reason.
  • I think Sony was stupid to have ever produced such a movie. I'm glad they made the right choice to pull it.
MY OPINION: There are movies all the time about assassinating our president and we don't do anything, we don't threaten to blow anything up.
Here's the trailer. Warning, NOT SAFE FOR WORK: