A Moses Lake woman is in trouble for writing a forged check. But she's blaming everything on her friend who tried to get out of trouble by claiming she's pregnant.

Police are accusing her of forgery, but the 25-year-old says she pulled into the drive through at Tacos Mi Casa in Moses Lake and her friend said to grab the checkbook in the glove compartment and pay. So she did.

The courts are saying she's still at fault because 1. she saw clearly the checkbook was not in her friend's name. 2. The friend suggested she write the check for $95! That's a lot of tacos or something fishy was going on!

Apparently the check book had been stolen out of a vehicle. Lucky for the owner, the restaurant recognized the name and reported the 25 year old to police.

Once arrested, the woman explained she had only been doing what her friend asked. At that point the friend said police could not take her to jail because she was pregnant! The accused said she was not, so police took the second woman to Columbia Basin Hospital where it was confirmed she was lying!