A woman from Pendleton is risking jail time to save some dogs that she found that were being abused by their owner. Robin Barker found a loose dog after it ate one of her chickens and tried to return it to the owner. Instead she found four dogs that were being hardly fed, cold, and wet. Reports say Barker took pictures of the dogs and their conditions for evidence. One of the dogs had thrown up sticks and plastic that they had tried to eat for food they were so hungry. She also filmed videos when she confronted the dogs owner, who in one video seems to give her permission to take two of the dogs and four puppies.

After she leaves with the dogs, the man turns her into police to stealing the dogs and the officers contact her saying she could be arrested for theft if she doesn't return them. After thinking about it she insisted that "could not return the dogs to a place where she felt no one fed or cared for them" and decided to face the consequences. All this started to become a tense situation until a volunteer Carri Curtis of Hermiston offered to buy the dogs from the owner and he agreed for $150. Barker then reached out through her attorney to let them know they own the dogs and not to arrest her.

Looks like the problem is solved.