It's still fall. Did you know that?
The first day of winter is set for December 21 but more snow is in the forecast this week for the Yakima Valley and for the Washington Cascades. In fact snow is in the forecast for the mountains through Sunday as the region deals with a series of storms.

Snow plows in the city won't be out until we seen 3 inches on the ground

Yakima city streets are slick during the morning hours so be careful if you are driving.
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Remember if the snow falls and starts to accumulate on the ground in the city of Yakima, city plows won't be out on the streets until the snow depth reaches 3 inches or 6 inches before they begin plowing area neighborhoods. Snow plow operators are in short supply this year because many either quit or lost jobs because of Governor Jay Inslee's vaccine mandate. Maybe you've seen the warnings from state officials that a lack of snow plow operators is making winter travel a challenge in the state.

Get those snow tires on your vehicle yet? Tire companies are very busy

As you can imagine tire companies are crazy busy at this time of year. Call ahead if you can and make an appointment and be patient there's a lot of people who are putting snow tires on vehicles these days as we prepare for what could be a long snowy winter in the Yakima Valley beginning December 21.

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