Yes, that is Anakins original lightsaber that Luke lost when Vader cut his hand off in the cloud city. The proof is in the new Star Wars teaser that just got released. Ever since I saw it the first time, I keep watching it over and over and pausing to find hidden information about this super secret film.

Here are 5 other theory's that I got from watching the teaser.


  • 1

    Emperor Palpatine is alive

    There has been a lot of speculation the Emperor Palpatine cloned himself before dying. It does happen in books and comics however Lucas Film says this movie will not be the same as the books. I think it's a smokescreen. Look at the screenshot and watch the trailer again, that has to be Palpatine standing infront of those troopers.

  • 2

    Luke Mechanical Hand on R2

    Luke is definitely a main part of the film, and is explaining the force to his niece. The guy touching R2 with the robot hand has to be one of the first scenes we see Luke in the film. He probably won't see a ton of screen time, but it will happen,  which brings me to my next theory.

  • 3

    This Girl is Luke's Niece

    The main girl in the movie is Luke Skywalkers niece and the offspring of Han and Lea. The teaser confirms this theory when Luke is explaining who in his family is strong with the force. It is also her hand that accepts Luke's original light saber from what looks like some kind of alien that you see earlier in the trailer. In case you didn't read the books, Han and Lea were supposed to have twins, a girl and a boy. This is the girl..Where is the boy you ask?

  • 4

    The Sith is Luke's Nephew

    In the books, Han and Lea's son turns to the dark side. Even though they are going to change details, I think they stick to that main theme. The first trailer had him by himself, but this new one you can see Storm Troopers fighting with him. Why is he with troopers? Because he is Palpatine's new apprentice and is doing his bidding like his grandfather did. Will his sister manage to turn him back to the light?

  • 5

    Han Solo Will Die

    It is sad, but I think it has to happen for many reasons. Han Solo is going to die, maybe not in the first movie but at least in the second. I think he will be killed by his own son, the sith in the picture above. Call me crazy, but don't be mad at me if it happens.