Lzzy Hale is the special guest on Loudwire Radio with host Mike ‘Sandman’ Sanders this weekend. The Halestorm frontwoman talks about the Mass Chaos tour with Godsmack and Staind, the band’s new album ‘The Strange Case Of…’ and much more. Check out a transcript of the interview below and tune into Loudwire Radio this weekend to hear Lzzy Hale chat with the Sandman.

Special guest on the phone today. Thank god I hear the voice of Lzzy Hale once again. What’s up, Lzzy?

Oh, everything is so good, man.

Now, you guys are part of the Mass Chaos Tour with Godsmack and Staind. Tell me how much you’re looking forward to that.

I am so looking forward to it. We’ve actually toured with Staind a couple of times and they’ve always treated us like complete gold and spoiled us and, you know, there’s always three cheesecakes at catering [laughs]. I think we come off of the Staind tour a couple pounds heavier which is good, you know? Nothing like food [laughs].

That’s right.

Straight to a band’s heart through their stomach, you know?

It helps to have a good rider, doesn’t it?

Definitely, and they have one of the best. And as far as Godsmack, this is going to be our first time touring with Godsmack and it’s kind of hard to believe. I mean, they’ve had such a crazy career and toured their butts off and so do we and we’ve played a few festivals with them but we’ve never actually met everybody and got to hang out every day, so that’ll be fun.

Well, I’ve met them and I can tell you you’re going to enjoy those guys. Sully is an excellent guy.

I got to speak with him over the phone — I guess it was about two or three weeks ago — and he was such a nice guy. He was talking on the phone and he was shopping for chicken and teriyaki sauce and he ended up losing his cart because he was pacing on the phone. So, yeah, really sweet guy, man.

The new album ‘The Strange Case Of’ is in stores now. The lead single ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ has been on the radio for a while. I gotta tell ya, that’s gotta be …uh…what’s the word I’m looking for? That’s a workout on the vocal chords. Especially at the end when you take it up an octave there, man, that is some singin’.

There were a lot of risks to be taken on this record.

I bet.

Yeah, and that’s also, I believe that’s the fastest song we have, to date. I don’t know if you remember this, but we ended up putting out a cover EP many months ago and on it was Skid Row “Slave to the Grind”, “Out to Get Me” by GN’R, and those songs directly inspired this song because we realized, “Wow, I think we can do something at this tempo. Ok, the next song we write has to be in this tempo,” and then it ended up being the first song we wrote for the record.

Well, when I heard it I was, like, really excited cause I thought “Man, these guys have been on the road and really developed their chops and it really shows, I think, on this album.”

Oh, thank you. You know, there’s nothing worse than coming in for a new record and saying “Oh, you know what? We’ve gotten worse!” [Laughs] So, I’m glad to hear that, I really am. Thank you.

So tell me about the rest of your summer’s plans. I know you’re on the Mass Chaos Tour, but you’re doing some festivals, I’m sure, as well.

Oh, absolutely, tons and tons of festivals. We’re going over to Europe again and we’re planning on doing a bunch of headlining tours both in the States and in Europe, so that’ll be exciting. We’ve never actually headlined Europe before. I don’t know, I’m just — I’m so excited, I mean, this record, I’m just so proud of it and it’s gotten a hell of a response and it’s kind of starting to gather it’s own legs now, you know what I mean? So, it’s just fun to see. It’s my first time making a second record, so it’s great to start doing it all over again.

Everybody go buy this album. ‘The Strange Case Of …’ by Halestorm is out in stores now and the lead single here on Loudwire is No. 10, ‘Love Bites (So Do I).’ Lzzy Hale, can you maybe give us a little back story on that track?

Absolutely. You know what? This is my way of — just first off, on this record — kind of giving a little nod to the guys in this one because on the last record we had a lot of songs, man, we had a lot of songs that weren’t too friendly to you boys. [Laughs] Even though I know most of you guys like it rough anyway. Haha, right?


But, basically this song is about me being on the side of my guys, you know. If you’re having girlfriend troubles I want to be that girl that’s on your side this time in the argument.

I love it, let’s hear it, No. 10 on the Loudwire Top 20 this week; it’s Halestorm ‘Love Bites (So Do I).’ Lzzy, thank you for taking time for Loudwire this week.

Thank you so much for having me, man. I can’t wait to see you.


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