2011 wasn’t the best year for our sanity and no one knows that better than The Usual Gang of Idiots at Mad Magazine.

A copy of their annual “20 Dumbest Things” issue hits newsstands soon and The Huffington Post received  exclusive copies of the people, places and events that the mag felt needed some public ridicule.

This year’s targets that were ripe for satire include the Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian marriage, the Penn State fiasco, the inane debt ceiling standoff in Congress and Anthony Weiner’s, um, weiner pics.

If we had to guess the rest, we expect the mag to take some shots at the Occupy Wall Street movement, Charlie Sheen’s mindless meltdown, the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal and the NBA’s money-grubbing lockout. That leaves just enough remaining spots for all of the GOP’s primary candidates and whatever Donald Trump is up to at this moment.

Mad Magazine 20 Dumbest Things 2011 Kim Kardashian Kris Humprhies Wedding Cashers poster wedding divorce morons


Mad Magazine 20 Dumbest 2011 Jerry Sandusky Penn State


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