Last night I went out and bought Madden 25 for the PS3. I had heard a lot of good things and I was excited to play it. Here is a few things I learned last night while playing for the first time.

First thing that I noticed is that most players and coaches look pretty much like their real counterparts. Last year, Russel Wilson didn't really look like himself, although Pete Carroll is way too buff in this version of the game. He looks like he was on steroids. The animations are smooth and it definitely looks and feels like NFL football. The game play was pretty much the same as last year, although you do have a little more options for movements when you are running the ball. You do the new moves by holding the L2 button and hitting any regular move. You'll then do a faster different version of that original move. I haven't played too much yet, but early indications are the game play is pretty solid.

They finally brought back Franchise Mode after leaving it out last year. On-line franchise, off-line franchise, and head to head franchise both online and offline.

I spent probably 30 minutes trying to find the regular season mode and finally found it under 'off-line franchise' and played as the coach, not a player. If you pick "player mode," you can not control the defense -- just the player you chose. At first I was kinda mad I couldn't find it. Just keep looking if your looking for a certain mode because you will probably find it. There is just about anything you could want in a football game including a 2013 draft mode and even "owner mode" where you can control the prices of seats and control all aspects of owning a team. I've always hated Jerry Jones -- the owner for the Cowboys -- maybe you can do it better than him.

My first impressions are good. Buy the game if you ever liked Madden and if you are a football fan. Below is a video of about three minutes of game play in observe mode because I can't play and hold my phone at the same time.

My daughter loved it! "Look daddy, there is Russell Wilson!"