Take me out to the ballgame. Take your wallet out while you’re there, too.

The average price of a ticket to a Major League Baseball game this season is $27.48, a jump of 1.8% from last year.

The price is a downright bargain compared to the other major sports: NBA tickets go for an average of $50.99, while the NHL fetches $61.01 and the NFL proves to be a rich man’s game at $78.38.

Here’s a look at the 10 most expensive tickets in Major League Baseball:

1. Boston Red Sox – $53.38
2. New York Yankees – $51.55
3. Chicago Cubs – $44.55
4. Philadelphia Phillies – $37.42
5. Washington Nationals – $35.24
6. St. Louis Cardinals – $33.11
7. Minnesota Twins – $32.59
8. San Francisco Giants – $30.09
9. Houston Astros – $30.09
10. Miami Marlins – $29.27

While the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs finishing on top are no surprise, the real story is the Astros and the Marlins somehow placing in the top 10. Considering they may compete with each other to be the worst team in the bigs, their ticket prices are a real head-scratcher. Much like trying to name their starting lineups.