It's been a busy week for Yakima City crews plowing snow keeping streets open for traffic. City officials say a Snow Route Alert issued by the City of Yakima on Monday, January 3rd, remains in effect until further notice.

If you park in the snow route it's time to move your vehicle

A press release from the city says officials urge people to move vehicles from the snow route. The snow routes are primarily centered in the downtown core.  Cars can be moved from snow routes to any street not posted as a snow route or to any City public parking lot.
To see a map of Yakima snow routes, along with the rest of the priority plowing routes throughout the city, click on the following link –

An official 8 inches of snow fell in the latest storm

The recent storm that dropped 8 inches of snow in Yakima also buried major mountain passes. Snoqualmie, Stevens and White Passes remain closed and Washington State Department of Transportation officials say "due to continued hazardous weather conditions and the amount of work needed to safely re-open" it's likely all three passes will remain closed until Sunday. They say they'll provide updates as conditions change.
The forecast calls for more snow Friday and Saturday in all mountain passes with up to another 15 inches falling on White Pass and Snoqualmie passes before Sunday.
Satus Pass remains open Today with traction tires advised.

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