An English couple is looking for staff to wait at their wedding, but you have to be comfortable doing it totally naked.

The couple is offering a $37.50 an hour to anyone who thinks they may fit the job description. The engaged couple are naturists, and are looking for four waiting and two bar staff who are comfortable serving nude guests while also being naked themselves – because they’re not ‘comfortable in the presence of clothed people’.

The job advertisement was posted on, after their previous wedding staff cancelled due to the nature of their wedding.

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The wedding will be held at the groom’s family home and will host 30 guests who will all attend completely nude. And apparently, their staff being nude too will make the wedding "100% authentic".

The request states:

"My fiancé and I are naturists and fully celebrate that way of life, as do all of our family and friends, so having a nude wedding was the only way we wanted to promise ourselves to one another. We had previously considered having clothed staff but we do not feel comfortable in the presence of clothed people, so why would we want to feel uncomfortable on the most special day of our lives? To say finding staff who are happy to work naked has been tough is an understatement. We’ve been let down by three sets of people so far, with the last ones initially agreeing and then as the day nears pulling out at the last minute, it’s incredibly stressful. We know that this isn’t something the average waiter would be happy doing, but we’re hoping that we can find people out there who are comfortable in their own skin or are naturists too. ‘We’re not even bothered if they have waiting experience at this point, as long as they are professional and polite! We’re getting married on the 2nd of October so due to the late notice and obvious uniqueness to our circumstances, we are willing to pay a bit more than average, $37.50 and hour, to anyone willing to help."

Question? Do you have to look good naked, and who decides what level of "whoa" in the gut department would make the guests ill?

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