An unidentified man broke into a warehouse in Moses Lake, crawled around, changed cloths with a mannequin, and stole around $500 in merchandise according to reports. The break in happened Sunday at the warehouse for In Home Medical on Third Ave. The business had their carpets cleaned on Friday and when they came back in Monday morning the manager noticed some things missing. They immediately checked the alarm video system and were surprised by what they found.

The video shows a Caucasian man crawl into the building and attempt to avoid cameras as he crawls around the warehouse. He eventually finds a mannequin, pulls it out of camera view with no pants on, and later returns in view with a mask on carrying merchandise but still not wearing any pants. Police say the man eventually switched cloths with the mannequin and wore the mannequins cloths out of the store. They also say the man was inside the building when police came to check on the break in because he stayed there for about an hour.

If you have any information contact MLPD at 509-764-3887.