People always say they'd do anything for millions. But would you really?

Here's a sad, stupid story about a stupid man who did a stupid thing for far less than a million dollars.

A guy in Spain tried to collect $168,000 in insurance by cutting off his own fingers.

He probably could have gotten away with it if the cops hadn't found his fingers, meat cleaver and cutting board in a park the next day!

Once they researched the situation, they found the man had taken out six different insurance policies on his hand. Then they uncovered that he pulled a similar scam the previous year on his other hand and got $33,000 for it! Now he's facing insurance fraud charges and will have to explain it next time he waves goodbye to somebody.

I asked Lady Leah this morning how much money it'd take for her to cut off her finger and she wouldn't give an exact amount, but teased $2-3 million. But she said he'd still not want to part with her pinkie. So I suggested she could mummify it and hang it around her neck, or keep it in a little jar of phermaldehyde.

Would you ever cut off an appendage for money?