Two days ago, Richland police were led on a car chase by Cruz Spencer, which ended in a Ferris Bueller-style run through a neighborhood. Spencer was being pulled over by an officer on highway 240, when he took off and led the officer through Putnam Street. Spencer fled his car and tried to get away by running through backyards and finally hiding on a homeowner's porch. Officers responding to the call, caught up to Spencer, and he was arrested. He's facing charges of Attempt to Elude, Hit and Run Unattended Vehicle, Obstructing Law Enforcement, Criminal Trespass, and Driving with a suspended license.

While this is nothing to laugh about, when reading the report I couldn't help but think of Ferris Bueller trying to get home after his day off. In case you need a reminder, here's the scene. If only there was a giant trampoline at the end of his run, maybe Spencer would have gotten away! ;)