Circumventing a security line is tricky business, and we’re certain at one point in time or another, we’ve all wanted to just drop to the floor and nap until the parade of morons yet to receive the memo that one must remove items such as belts and shoes finally discover those last few quarters in their pockets.

However, this man from China took the game of streamlining and went pro by actually hopping on the conveyor belt of the baggage X-ray machine.

According to the police, the man entered a train station late in the evening (a bit on the boozy side of the spectrum) and instead of partaking in the standard protocol he parked himself on the mechanical table and counted some sheep while getting the official once over.

The cameras recorded his radioactive pilgrimage, revealing, not just intestines, but that this man sleeps in an insanely awkward position. We’re not sure how bro contorts his legs like one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park but we’re certain his shins fell asleep if he held that position for longer than 10 minutes.

Granted some of our best ideas have been born from PBR and Cuervo but this man could be the next head of homeland security. Those machines surely can tell the difference between a Glock 9 and a bottle opener, and if we can deduct even a few minutes from the mandated chore of stripping for the TSA to get to the Chili’s in time for a quick Bloody Mary we’re all ears.

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