A pound of weed for a snowmobile? Seems like a decent trade. At least that's what an Oregon man thought when he responded to a Craigslist ad about a snowmobile for sale. Jason Owen of Sandy, OR attempted to purchase a snowmobile from a Craigslist ad he saw, not knowing the man selling was a police officer. It's apparent that he didn't know barbecue he offered a pound of marijuana to the officer in trade for the snowmobile.

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The Oregon State Trooper out of Salem notified his supervisor of the unusual request, and the Oregon State Police Drug Enforcement Section took over from there. Owen was cited with possession of marijuana, delivery of marijuana, and  if that wasn't enough, dude's license was suspended so he was also cited for driving on a suspended license! Talk about your bad luck!

While you can have 8 ounces of pot on you as an adult (21 and over) by Oregon state law, you can't have a POUND! I wonder what this guy's grow room is like if he had that much! No word on if the officer has sold his snowmobile, but I'm pretty sure the next offer will just be in cash. :D