The amount of people ditching work on the first few days of the NCAA tournament will probably cripple the economy. The country will make up for the workforce stoppage by spending all our money on beer to drink during the games. See how it all balances out? For we are a nation who shall always persevere.

Drinking and March Madness go together like drinking and the Super Bowl, drinking and the BCS National Championship and drinking and any other sporting event where we can drink while we watch other people perform athletically for our amusement.

This year, instead of just randomly chugging brew during TV timeouts and after large plates of ulcer-inducing foods, how about having a plan? Why not play a drinking game at home while young men play a real game on the court? For those of you drinking at home, we introduce the GuySpeed March Madness Drinking Game.

Click on the official drinking game bracket above, print and enjoy! Please enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly and take some of these suggestion as jokes because they will get you HAMMERED if you don't.