The video for Marilyn Manson‘s ‘No Reflection’ has landed, and it’s a dark, dastardly portrait of an American family, of sorts. Of course, a pasty-faced and red lipstick-smeared Marilyn Manson is singing, smack dab in front of the camera during the performance footage. He’s also starring in the plot scenes. Double duty indeed. And why not? It’s his vision.

It’s a creeptacular short film, just like we like and want from the Antichrist Superstar — the auteur of all things dark and unsettling. Manson performs with his band as water pools at his feet. There’s so many dual meanings in the vid’s many images and metaphors. You’ll need to watch it six (six six) times to uncover it all. Water beneath his feet makes us think of walking on water like Jesus. What about you? There are so many layers and levels with M. Manson — you can just go there.

The plot features Manson and some young girls in dresses, while weird things go down amongst this “family.” One girl is dancing erotically, another is spewing a blood-like substance from her mouth while the table levitates. Things combust. There is crying, kissing, chaos and a general “WTF is going on here” vibe. That’s why we love it.

It’s like ‘The Virgin Suicides’ meets ‘The Exorcist.’ So yes, it’s definitive Manson.

‘No Reflection’ appears on ‘Born Villain,’ out May 1.

Watch Marilyn Manson ‘No Reflection’ Video