Creed recently kicked off their tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of their debut disc ‘My Own Prison,’ but guitarist Mark Tremonti is gearing up for a milestone of his own later this summer. On July 12 Tremonti will release his debut solo disc titled ‘All I Was.’

Samples of three of his solo tunes were recently released. Listen to clips of ‘So You’re Afraid,’ ‘The Things I’ve Seen,’ and ‘You Waste Your Time’ below to see what’s in store. With a heavier sound than both of Tremonti’s other gigs (don’t forget he also plays in Alter Bridge), Tremonti called it a melody-driven disc that’s more up-tempo and heavy riffing.

Tremonti will also be breaking ground in another area, for the first time he’s singing lead on the disc. He told that it was a challenge, explaining, “I’ve always been a songwriter, so I’ve sung while I was playing, but I write in my falsetto, so I’m hitting very high notes and all over the place, but I’ve always had a low range, so for my solo stuff I tune it way down.” He also talked about working up the courage to just go for it, saying, “Y’know, I just never had the confidence before. I think the more I’ve sang over the years, the more I’ve developed the confidence in my voice, and I’m finally ready to do it on my own. But it’s a whole different world.”

In addition to Tremonti on vocals and guitar, the band also features Eric Friedman on guitar, Brian Marshall on bass and Garrett Whitlock on drums.

Listen to Clips From Mark Tremonti’s Solo Disc ‘All I Was’

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