David Bowie released "Space Oddity" as basically, a promotional stunt nine days before man first set foot on the moon. It was July 11, 1969. It reached #5 in the U.K. and was played on the BBC during the moon landing. Uh, you know eventually Major Tom just sort of floats away in a tin-can, right?

It did not go over very well in the U.S., in fact the song didn't become a hit in America until 1973.

Watch a rare original of the song here.

Plus, if you REALLY want to split hairs, Ziggy Stardust was NOT part of the Space Oddity deal. Ziggy debuted years later, but whatever.

Regardless, Mattel has released a David Bowie Barbie. Barbie is decked out in Ziggy Stardust gear to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the song. For how much? Fifty bucks, of course.

The androgynous doll rocks Ziggy's signature style, from the black nail polish to the fire engine-red platform boots. The metallic, red- and blue-striped "space suit" with the flared shoulders is taken straight from Bowie's early-1970s wardrobe. And of course, it wouldn't be Ziggy Stardust without the gold astral sphere painted on the forehead.


She is available in stores, but Mattel's website will work too.

Spiders from Mars sold separately.

Not really.

More here.

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