Everyone gets bored nowadays. It blows my mind because there really is so much to do. Camping, fishing, digital stuff, etc. Are you bored enough to write to an inmate? Well, there is now a site that lets you pick one and help them not be bored.Meet-an-inmate is a website that lets you pick whomever you would like to write. Male or female. The information about them is on their page. It basically gives you a rundown of what they are interested in. Most of the inmates want pen pals only. Some of them, however, due to their picture, are into a little more. Do you suppose this is how Charles Manson met his latest wife?

My only problem with this is, they do not say what they are in there for. The only inmate that I would write, is the guy or girl that messed up a child molester or a rapist and then I would thank them. HA!

Inmate Website