One of the two men who filmed the most famous Bigfoot video of all time will be speaking in Kennewick this weekend. His name is Bob Gimlin and he was one of two men to capture a Bigfoot for the first time on film in the 1960's. He will talk about his experience and take pictures with people. In case you have never seen this famous video, I posted it below.

There will be many other speakers alll weekend also including a Hollywood special effects expert that is going to comment about the Patterson-Gimlin film and talk about how difficult it would be to replicate.

The conference will be Grange Hall on S. Union Street in Kennewick this weekend from March 4-6th. On Friday they have a meet and greet from 6-9 pm at the Grange and then speakers from 9 am to 10 pm on Saturday. Sunday will be breakfast at Old Country Gentleman and then a field trip out too the Blue Mountains. Admission for all three days is just $30 and you can purchase tickets at the door or online here.