Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has spent his fair share of time making headlines over the years, and not always in a positive light, but the rocker says that in a lot of cases he's been misunderstood and he feels his reputation has suffered as a result.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, the rocker explains, "I don't say things to get a reaction. The stuff that I write about is important to me. Some of the subjects on 'Peace Sells …' are still relevant, particularly environmental issues. And the personal stuff is relevant. I've written songs about loss and pain -- everyone goes through that, so, no, I'm not being provocative."

Mustaine admits his sense of humor and interview candor has sometimes gotten him in trouble, adding, "It doesn't translate well, does it? Probably the biggest thing that has harmed my career is being misunderstood, but is it better to be understood or to understand? I understand much more now, so I'm less inclined to be preaching or complaining about being misquoted. There are people who love me and people who don't, but everyone's entitled. I have love in my heart for both."

The Megadeth frontman says that his reputation has scared some people away, but he explains, "I am approachable, but I have a terrible reputation." He chalks that up to a former manager who started rumors about him being difficult after they went their separate ways. Mustaine says they've since reconciled and it's been a healthy process. He also adds that his sometimes adversarial battles with Metallica and his own band's David Ellefson have also ended in reconciliation with an unexpected result. "When that happened my injured arm and injured thumb started working again," says Mustaine. "Crazy, huh?"

Megadeth are ramping up to the June 4 release of their 'Super Collider' album. The disc is currently available for pre-order here.