Metallica were recently featured in their very own addition of Rolling Stone’s ‘Big Issue.’ Each individual member of Metallica was interviewed for the ‘Big Issue,’ where they spoke about their upcoming Orion Music + More Festival, the 3D concert movie and more. Now, Rolling Stone has posted a behind-the-scenes video from the ‘Big Issue’ cover shoot.

As Metallica went through the process of taking pictures for Rolling Stone, drummer Lars Ulrich spoke about how the Orion festival was inspired by European festivals the band had played throughout their career. “Getting your own festival off the ground is not something you do overnight,” says Ulrich. “What we’re trying to do with the Orion festival is certainly rooted in our European festival experience over the last three decades. The main thing you get at these festivals is diversity and variety, and it’s really exciting because the whole experience of the weekend is about discovery.”

Kirk Hammett spoke about Orion in his one-on-one interview with Rolling Stone. “Let me let you in on a little secret. Whenever we go on these kinds of endeavors, it’s never to make money,” says Hammett. “We want it to be fun and exciting. Maybe we break even. Or lose money. Whatever. It’s not a financial thing. We’re trying to come up with something cool.”

Bassist Rob Trujillo’s former band Suicidal Tendencies will be jamming at the Orion festival, and the bassist spoke about the dream acts they were unable to book. “If it were up to me, Bootsy Collins and Parliament-Funkadelic would be there,” reveals Trujillo.

The Orion Music + More festival takes place June 23 & 24 in Atlantic City, N.J. Check out the Metallica interview on Rolling Stone’s website and watch the behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot below:

Metallica Behind the Scenes at Rolling Stone Cover Shoot