Metallica's Kirk Hammett is making the rounds showing off his 'Too Much Horror Business - The Kirk Hammett Collection' book of horror memorabilia, but during a stop in San Francisco to promote his page-turner, he worked in some music for those in attendance as well. Hammett welcomed Death Angel as guest performers at the event and joined them for a set.

The show took place at San Francisco's Public Works Thursday night (Nov. 1), with Hammett hopping onstage to jam. The set included a performance of the Metallica classic 'Trapped Under Ice.'

As for the new 'Too Much Horror Business' book, Hammett made sure to not only include the items he owns, but also a little conversational background on how the items came to be in possession. Speaking about the interview portion of the book, the guitarist explained, "It was important for me to be able to interject some of my own personality into the book, to bring it to a different place. I didn’t want it to be a stock coffee table art book, I didn’t want it to be a reference book, I didn’t want it to look like an auction catalog, which a lot of art books end up looking like, at least to me. It was important to me to interject some of my own personality and some of my own humor and my own opinion on this stuff. How and why I’m into all this stuff. It was a way for me to make it more my book than just another coffee table book."

He added that while it's hard to narrow down his favorite horror films to just a few, he rates the original 'Mummy,' the '70s low-budget 'Dracula Vs. Frankenstein,' and the 1935 film 'Mad Love' among the best.

As for Death Angel, they too have something to promote as their 'A Thrashumentary' DVD is expected to arrive in early 2013.

Watch Death Angel Play 'Trapped Under Ice' With Kirk Hammett
Watch Death Angel and Kirk Hammett Jam at the 'Too Much Horror Business' Launch

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