Weird. I now recall some of the best Dad bonding I had included watching Loony Tunes Saturday mornings. My Pop did not laugh out loud often, so it always caught my attention when he guffawed. Some of the biggest blasts came from all the big guns: Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote; Bugs Bunny; Elmer Fudd;  Yosemite Sam; Foghorn Leghorn and he was quite impressed with my early vocal workings of Marvin the Martian. But one of his all time favorites? Michigan J. Frog.

Where the down and out guy finds a talented frog with singing and dancing moves ready for Broadway: Michigan J. Frog. He's dynamite when no one is around but the get rich quick schemes fail miserably as the frog only performs for one person. Same thing happens when he's found far off in future too....Here's a refresher:

Michigan J Frog -YouTube
Chris Newsome-Imgur a
Chris Newsome-Imgur

A look at custom made hats for the hippest amphibian this side of Senor Froggy's.

I mean, a guy who designs hats for a living and has a fond affinity for toads?

Circle of life, baby, as in "....hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal....."


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