We frequently read about Hope Solo's family in town, and formerly we read a lot about Sarah Palin's relatives. The media is respecting Mad Dog James Mattis' mom's privacy, but she's here in town. Who else has ties to the area? Let's compile a master list!

I already know about Nate Mendel's family (bassist for Foo Fighters).

Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game author) was born here, did any relatives stick around?

Miesha Tate's boyfriend's family is here... not sure if that counts.

Someone told me once Kevin Costner's grandmother lived in Moses Lake and he visited often.

Last year Caitlyn Jenner drove through town looking to relocate her mom from Lewiston-area to Kennewick. Anyone know if they made the move?

Actors Johnny Whitaker and Adam West have family in Walla Walla, as does Drew Bledsoe.

Kellen Moore's family is in Prosser.

Pitcher Jeremy Bonderman likely has family in Pasco.

Chuck Palahniuk, author of "Fight Club" has family here (Paper Street taphouse in Richland's Parkway is named in honor of it).

Am I missing anyone?