The fish rots from the head down, am I right?

In this fluid situation, one does what one can to obey the directions given to the best of ones ability. Social distancing, staying home, staying healthy, got it.

While we are being encouraged to go outside and move around to stave off the feeling of the walls constantly closing in, I am still puzzled about certain areas of outdoors to avoid.

Apparently, now we are expected to know how to rope off our outdoors.

It reminds me of the picture of Florida beaches late last month where one county line ended and another began that starkly showcased where one county's law on gathering vastly differed from another.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Remember when there used to be smoking and non-smoking sections on airplanes? Like the smoke knew not to circulate in front of Row 25?

Another question I'm pondering along those lines, "Isn't going into the woods and exploring rivers and lakes the ultimate social distancing?"

Which leads me to this fishing thing.

As of this writing, a petition at has baited the hook of at least 20,225 signatures, with this wide cast trying to lure Gov. Inslee to the internet to dismiss this fish nonsense.

The petition, to re-open fishing for Washington state anglers, states:

We as citizen's have been told by our Governor and other agency dignitary's (sic) of Washington State, it is OK to get out and Hike, Jog, Walk, ride a bicycle, and get out and be with nature during this outbreak, so why is it any different for Washington State Anglers not to be able and get out and go fishing, Enough is Enough, it is time for you to stand up against this closure. We can make a difference but you have to participate and organize get the word out, talk to you neighbor's, explain the importance of how one gets out with nature and the true therapy that one receives being out in nature and fishing, please sign now and let Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee and the Washington Department Fish Wildlife to re-open are fishing in our state immediately. 

The link above will take you to where you sign up or if you want more information.
Here's to catching fish and not COVID-19.

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