October is when a Tri-Cities woman went missing and now it's believed she might be a victim of human trafficking.

Kennewick Police are looking for any information that can be provided on a missing person's case that might involve human trafficking.

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Kennewick Woman Has Been Missing Since October Of 2021

Meghan Willis has been missing since October 29th of last year and hasn't been seen since. Police are looking for any information concerning Meghan and sadly the police are suspecting human traffickers might be involved in her disappearance.

credit: kennewick police department
credit: kennewick police department

Missing Tri-Cities Woman Was Last Spotted On The West Side Of Washington

Meghan is described as having dark brown hair, hazel eyes, 5'4 and roughly 200 pounds. She is believed to have been last seen in Burien/Lake City Washington area.

Meghan is from Kennewick Washington and Kennewick Police are looking for any information or clues that could lead to Meghan's safe return.

If You See Meghan, Contact The Kennewick Police Department ASAP

Kennewick Police are asking that if you have any information concerning Meghan's whereabouts, reach out to them at (509) 628-0333.

Let's get Meghan home safe and sound.

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