As if MMA fighters don't have enough to worry about during a fight — fists, elbows, knees and roundhouse kicks from out of nowhere — add Super Glue to the list. During the recent WOCS 25 MMA card in Brazil, fighter Carlos Alberto Lobo had his eyed glued shut by his own corner.

In between the second and third rounds of his fight against Marcos Nene, Lobo's corner was working on the damage to his face, while other personnel were reapplying sponsor logos to his banner. You can't fight without sponsors, right? Well, you can't fight without vision, either. Some of the adhesive being used on the logo above Lobo's head dripped onto his face. Mistaking the drippings for Vaseline, Lobo rubbed the glue down over his eye socket, and it almost immediately sealed his eyelid shut. You can see the aftermath in the video above.

The corner flew into action to pull apart Lobo's eyelids, something he certainly didn't think would be necessary during the fight. Aside from constantly committing the very un-MMA like act of winking, Lobo seemed fine after they tore his eyelids open; he actually won the fight. The corner guy with the glue better be on the lookout for errant kicks during Lobo's next practice though.