A hilarious story reported by the Associated Press a pair of long feuding neighbors in rural Bend Oregon kicked it up a notch when they blocked an access road so no one could pass along adjacent property line with a 20 foot pile of snow  The Bend Oregon area received record snow fall when some 3 feet fell in just 24 hours...prompting a lawsuit...

Shovel stands inside a snow house igloo made from snow bricks
Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to the story:

The suit says the Carpers own land which includes a narrow strip that the Wieglendas have trespassed upon since the Carpers bought it from Ronald Wieglenda's mother in 2015.

The lawsuit says the Wieglendas piled the snow onto that strip in February. The suit says the Wieglendas refused to move the pile which kept the Carpers from getting out to the street.


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